Clay Pigeon Shooting is for Women Too

When my sister asked me if I would take clay pigeon shooting lessons with her, I had to laugh at first because I thought she was joking with me. If you knew my sister, you would have been laughing too. She is definitely not the type of woman you would picture holding a gun. She told me that she showed interest in doing this with her boyfriend, and he told her that it was not the right sport for her. Well, my sister might act like a princess at times, but she is stubborn too.

When someone tells her no, she will move mountains if she thinks the answer should have been yes. She went online and looked for a shooting instructor who could teach her. She wanted to learn so she could show her boyfriend up, and I really couldn’t blame her because I would do the same. I decided to tag along once she found that she could get the right instruction at Lady’s Wood. I had never been there, but I had seen pictures of other people who had been there shooting. I knew that even if I did not enjoy the shooting instructions, I would definitely enjoy the scenery around me.

Well, I did not pay much attention to the scenery once the two of us got there a few days later. The instructor was really nice, and he captured our interest right away. My friend had signed both of us up for the shooting lessons, and I was so glad she did. It was the first time I ever held a gun, and it just felt so right. I was not afraid, and I was actually excited when I hit my first clay pigeon on my third try. My friend did even better, and she is looking forward to showing her boyfriend that shooting clay pigeons is not just a man’s game.