I Wanted to Protect My Family

I used to really enjoy reading the news. I liked to stay up to date about what was going on mostly throughout the world. However, I live here on the outskirts of Chicago, and I read the news now just to make sure that crime is staying away from me. That kind of takes the pleasure out of reading it! Chicago is always in the news for shootings and other types of crime now, and I decided just a few months ago to start looking into CCTV kits. Even though the crime was not yet in my area, I really did know that it was just a matter of time before that happened.

I wanted to be proactive rather than reactive, which is why I wanted to do everything I could to make sure that my family and I stayed safe. I know that a lot of people who are committing these crimes truly are cowards when it comes right down to it, which is what I was hoping for should they ever find themselves outside of my house. I knew that part of having a security system is having the signs that people can post in their yards.

I wanted anyone who was going to cause my family grief to have second thoughts about it. I figured it would be pretty motivating for potential thieves to know that whatever you are about to do is going to be caught on camera. I also liked being able to see who was going to be at the door if the bell rings and it is late at night. I wish that I did not live in a world where this is necessary, but I am so grateful to live in a world that helps the law abiding citizens as well with CCTV kits like this.